Access the franchise market in Turkey

Turkey as the mid-point of Europe and Asia in terms of geographical position is very critical center. The population of 2018 is more than 80.000,000. It has been one of the countries that people prefer both business and life by taking serious migration from many countries around the world.

Commercial sense, Turkey especially in the last 15 years throughout the world in terms of wealth and the economy has reached a very good commercial location. Naturally, this situation attracted the attention of many companies located worldwide, with the investments they have made in Turkey have greater increases.

After the opening of the world’s largest airport in 2018, the transportation and logistics network in the region has moved further.

People in Turkey; it attaches great importance to innovation and modern products. The simplest example is: among the countries around the world, the automotive sector is one of the indispensable fields of Turkish people.

On average, women and men are equal in number across the country. In terms of education, a very serious mass is a university graduate.

Turkey is not only in itself, especially in neighboring countries, commercial / is exemplary in the field of economics. That’s why investors care Turkey is always too much.

World Brands in Turkey Exist!

The world in general is quite high popularity brands, across Turkey for a long time they have been serving with the franchise system. In our research; There is an average of more than 50 branches across all brands in Turkey.

If you want to enter the market in Turkey as an international brand and build your franchise network in our country, we are ready to support you as Kobi Vadisi.

We are not a consulting company. We are professional web site to find new investors to the largest dealership and franchise brands in Turkey. We host more than 400 brands, and we deliver hundreds of new investor requests to franchise companies every day.

If you want to promote your franchise brand in across the Turkey, you can benefit from this support with special services we can offer to your brand:

  • Your language may not be the same as Turkish, but don’t worry. We can introduce your company in the most accurate way by making professional translation of your brand’s franchising introducing in a way that Turkish investors will understand.
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  • We can instantly send you franchising requests from new investors.
  • We can send you the franchising requests sent by new investors instantly.
  • We can increase your awareness by making special promotions for your brand in your industry.
  • We can publish your visual and video works of your franchising company in Turkish.
  • We can share press releases to help investors choose and demand your company.
  • Investment amounts, by adopting the currency of Turkey, best way we can explain to investors.

In short, your franchise brand, as a professional to introduce in Turkey and Middle Eastern countries we can provide support at affordable prices.

Kobi Vadisi is not just a website. It is a point where millions of visitors visit each month. Our web site, mobile site and mobile application are used very effectively.

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Turkey’s to explore the power and potential, contact us.