Access to Turkey and The Middle East Franchise Market

The Middle East, which has hosted the birth and development of many civilizations, is an economic and political center due to its location on the trade routes connecting the East andthe West and hosting important waterways and channels. Especially in Europe and Asia for Turkey Geopolitical Linking is a critical point.

Due To The Rich Resources And Take The Bridge Turkey and the Middle East has been always the focus of investors.

The Middle East and Turkey Have World Brands

Which is quite popular brands across the world, it has long been in Turkey and neighboring countries with a franchise system they serve.In our research we have done; Each brand has an average of more than 50 franchise branches across the country.

Turkey and the Middle Eastern countries as an international brand to enter the market if you want to set up your master franchise and global network, we are ready to support you as Kobi Vadisi.

Your Brand Without Advanced Infrastructure and professional team, which allows you access to 20 million different investors can provideTurkey and the Middle East markets and introduce new investors.


  • We’re The Franchise Website With The Largest Access network of Turkey and the Middle East countries.
  • We Represent Your Brand in the best way with our advanced media infrastructure and creative contents in visual communication and promotion.
  • We Increase Your Media Influence And Awareness With video and visual content such as promotional films, sponsored content, interviews, and enable you to enter the market.
  • Together With Our Professional Translators, we can translate the franchising promotion of your brand in a way that Turkish investors can understand and introduce your company in the most accurate way.
  • We can publish visual and video works of your franchising company in Turkish.
  • With Our İnfrastructure With The Best marketing strategies, we increase the impact of your entry into the market by carrying out special activities such as content marketing, natural advertising, banner advertisements, and promotion in social networks.


We actively provide promotional services for 700 differen tbrands.

Turkey vast majority of companies that are outside of these brands.

At this stage; with professional translators, our companies are adapting all the information on the commercial market in Turkey and the Middle East to learn your language authority.

As we say, new investors who interact with your brand can get to know your company much better without feeling foreign.

With our translation services Infrastructure, you can find new investors and master franchises, increase your brand awareness and enter the market through the right connections with our existing resources so that you can catch global interaction without website, which is frequented by thousands of investors everyday.


  • By effectively promote your brand, we instantly forward new investment requests to you
  • The franchise consultants within our company evaluate all investment requests after they learn the necessary information, just like your staff. It does all the preliminary work. And it informs you at every stage and invites you to our country during the signature process


With our qualified personnel, references, expertise and sufficient technical equipment; Weoffer master franchise and investor search your processes under one roof Turkey and you collect your entry to the solution partnership Middle East market.

Sample Brands